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Sunday, April 30, 2006

The designers were told: You are starting a line on a very busy street with your store neighbours who are very successful, and have been selling now for eight years. How do you compete?Create two designs to knock your compition down. This is about commerical appeal. Make your model in two different statuesque poses (like mannequin's). This is due on...WENSDAY! Disclaimer: Don't create any lackluster (Tim Gunn) designs please, we have had enough of those already. Just because this is about commercial appeal, doesn't mean that you have to be BORING!!!!!!!!! So be innovative.

realityundersiege designed two naticul inspired outfits, which by far were very sellable and flattering. Then won! The first outfit was a nautical dress which was beautifuly exicuted. I was pleasingly disarmed by her beautiful navy and white jacket and matching bleatched jeans. Her look possessed an elegance, grace, and functionality, all what I was expecting through this challenge. reality's future after Project Designer looks bright!

It looked like midgetpanda saluted the mindframe of a very stylish teenage woman in her very effeminate design. I liked that she named her designs: Mannequin Cool, and Manneqin gave it the "midgetpanda" flair. When I saw the design I automaticly thought: candy. Which was reminsent of gumballs that I used to buy at the auto supply store. I have to say, this was a contender for the win.

ZebrASkin44 kept saying that she hoped that she wasn't boring...and by golly she wasn't! Her inspiration came from an Indian inspired S&M concept which translated beautifly. The only think that I was concerned with was: could you see people walking down the street in this? I could definatly see people wearing anything except the consticted pant. Maybe if it wasn't so strained and more slack. I just found out that the fishnets were that makes a big differance. Anywho, the design was fine.

Juliet196 created a design that reflected her common theme among previous designs other than Project Designer...shirred pannels; in the skirt as well as the empired detailed top which I must say was quite fabulous. I was expecting this from Juliet...because she loves to do ready-to-wear, so im not suprised that she did so well. Her look resonated with her mantra: quality, taste, and style. Superb showing, Juliet!

Alia-Chan17 appaled me with this design. It wasn't but it was what I was expecting from her. It was wacky, artsy, punky, as I ahve stated before...but would it sell? The boat neck denim jacket was cute...but overall I was displeased excpecially with the left design. There was something dissonant about the collective look of Alia's two pieces, as though they had been selected from the closet of two entirely different people. It troubled me. It didn't quite work, but she took risks. Therefore, I was pleased -- and relieved -- that she survived the judging, because I had only the highest expectations of him based on her previous designs.

ladylucrezia created another beautiful design. The color, fabrication, and sewn insert choices were unique and brought an oriental style to the outfit. She also brought military infuences, which when was applied to the dress became a rich, voluminous confection. Her evening gown reminded me of one of her previous designs...the Save the Animals design...that too was fabulously exicuted. Bravo!

Jennlee05 created palaple designs...but why would you do one spring and winter from the same collection? I was baffeled by this chocie. However, if you disreguard this simple error, the designs were actually pretty. Her winter outfit was origanlly blue but then it turned out a light teal color. Thank goodness the fabric was the wrong color....all in all it was passable. But I said no more lackluster (Tim Gunn) designs...

selay created a fabulous concoction of two outfits. The designs were unique and had the "selay" design style, and the outfits were borught to life by the manniquins. The cohiseive colors and bright background would make women FLOCK over this design...and her construction was gorgeous. Great work, selay! This was definatly a contender for the win.

Eldheler's first design failed, not because she failed to color...but instead because she failed to listen. The design on the right would not sell very well...It was unique no doubt, but could it sell to thousands and thousands of people? The skirt was voluminus, to voluminous...would YOU, the designer, even wear that don the stree. However it was saed by the FABULOUS design on the right. It was flawless. The grouping of the fabric was undeniable beautiful, and the sillouette...gorgeous. The only thing that worried me was the design on the right. Other than was fabulous.

OUT: ApparelAngel played it a little...alot safe rather. Every store does tee-shirts and skirts...but what makes it different? A chligraphy print? It COULD last for many styles, but as Jean Cocteau once said: Art produces ugly things which become beautiful over time, Fashion on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time. The outfit was better suited for a flea market than on a street with top contenders tents. Angel, it's boring.

Monday, April 24, 2006

In this challenge, the designers were told to design an outfit for a dark but beautiful princess for a theatrical Cirque Du Soliel preformance.
ladylucrezia wins! She took on a very ambitious design and really made it work. Her sinuous use of the violet feathers over the plum colored spandex was stunning, and the feathered headdress and fishnet sleeves was a wonderful counterpoint. Excellent showing, lady!

midgetpanda designed, as usual, a breathtaking look. The focus of his energy and attention went into the beading embellishments on the dress, embellishments that look like a sorceress making an enchantment of some sort. Furthermore, the addition of the scarf was fashion genius. However, the sillouette was a bit simple, expecially from panda, and it was a bit more on the wearable side than "coustumy". panda, watch out...

Juliet196 created a simple but stunning look. Her look was focused more on a dancer than an acrobat, but in my opinion, it could have worked for both. The shoes however were a little ballerina-ish (maybe without the ties), and the feather was a little arbratrary. All in all, it was a good look...good enough for the next round.

ApparelAngel's outfit was everywhere. The beaded chiffon, jersey, and was a little much. Even though this is Cirque du Soleil, it was messy. The collar, bodice, sleeves, and skirt didn't corespond even a little bit. She's extremely talented, ...and this was the worst of the bunch.

realityundersiege designed an outfit that was both dramatic and menacing. It possessed buoyancy with the tiers, and visual effervescence and lightness, yet it was serious. The chiffon could be removed, this made for a very unusual silhouette and, for leaping and cortorshoning purposes, an unexpected and usful one as well. A contender for the win.

ZebraSkinn44 was very ambitious, as always, about this design. The netting shawl was a perfect compliment for the corset (I hate corsets, but for some reason i like this one) and the pencil skirt. I would probably enjoy watching the additves move...maybe if it didn't have the mink distracts from the design (at least for me...Julie liked it...) to me. The shoes were a great addition and so was the wig.

Jennlee05 was ho-hum. It was was Jenn...but not very Jenn. I was expecting some color form least a little. The dress was pretty, but pretty basic, too basic. The neck thing was distacting... Jenn is a talented designer, so I was sorry to see this poor showing.

selay made a fabulous but basic showing with a patterned jersy, and ombred chiffon. To her credit, the ribbon embellishments were an excellent addition, because they gave the look a little "something" and saved it from being dowdy (hair). I was a little on the fence with this could have been in...or out. It didn't look very cosumy.

Eldheler seems to have a wierd thing goin' on... The ripped shreds of fabric, the corset... I was disarmed. I was dissapointed. I was shocked. Eldheler is a fashion student...some of these contestants are not, therefore, you should have at least some aspect of superiority. Be happy StrawberryNunChild is out. Next time put a little more color and effort.

Alia-Chan was all her. What I mean by that is that it was artsy, punk, and diva. Although it was her, and very fashionable, it didn't really respond to the challenge. It was more rock-princess that CDS. She took few risks with her design, but the fit was great and the overall look was sexy and youthful. My single concern was minor: why use those shoes? Still, I was confident that she would succeed on the runway.

OUT: StrawberryNunChild

Monday, April 17, 2006

The designers were told to create a stylish design for little kids. The design must be able to withstand dirt and grime and the rough-and-ready child ideal.
ZebrASkin44 said she would create a comeback, and by Joseph, she did! Zebra delivers a fabulous design. She has been the runner-up on the runway so many times that I will confess my disappointment that a win, long overdue in my opinion, has eluded her grasp. However, is it not ironic that our flamboyant couture master would be so successful with this of all challenges? A children's wear project? The way she twists her mind in unthought of crannies of inspiration is impecable. The style was girly, and if Lipstick went outside to play, it would blend in with the overall theme. The jacket alone was fabulous. I have to say, this is one of the best designs in Project Designer history.

midgetpanda created a stunning outcome for this project. The top was the main focus on this look, with the variying lengths and intensaties of the straps. The blouse was charming and its silhouette and proportion quite dreamy. midget's design was extremely thoughtful. Her practical and humane design will work with a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Jennlee05 created a playful, exuberant, pulchridonus (inside joke), concoction of a childrens outfit. The colors were played out masterfuly, and it was what I was expecting from her: colorful, fun,....colorful...! Jenn, proud showing.

Alia-Chan17 designed a playful, "rockeresque", chindren's wear product. as I stated to her she has always remained true to her design style no matter the critisims (which aren't always bad). The look was fun and childish, cool, hip, and trendy. Alia won me over with this challenge. Congrats!

Juliet196 designed a practical childrens wear project that an adult could wear. I was amused by the inner-child statement, she's not working at the level I know she's capable of achieving. For this challenge, she got by. Her purple top with burmuda shorts made with embroidered trims was well executed, and I loved her addition of the different colored sandals. But the overall look was so ho-hum. Come back Juliet!

realityundersiege's clear understanding of the client spelled success. Daniel was intent upon creating a very childish look that was also apliquable to a teen...which wasn't the challenge, but a nice addition, which I belive Juliet196 did. I applaud risk-taking, even when I'm dubious about it's success. It was wearable, and made of cotton which means that washing it would be a snap, and that's essintial for playtime!

ladylucrezia made a wonderful design. I was impressed, this was one of her best designs by far. The only problem that I had was that it would probably not be a good outfit for a child to play in. She solved the design brief very effectively, and she used a fabulously childish fabric for just the right purpose. This sophisticated child look was headed for a play date.

StrawberryNunChild created a very porly exicuted look... From every challenge how many times did I scratch my head and ask myself, "What is he doing?" As a definitional matter, her choice of not listing colors and fabrics was a prelude to failure. The fussy details gave you costume for a geriatric performance of a childlike version of Follies. Get with it, Strawberry!


IN: Eldheler

IN: ApparelAngel

OUT: KageYuri

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

For this challenge, I told the designers to create a dress for a store(FAKE STORE!) called Lemon Meringue. The company is creating a new peice for their collection. Use one of these: [link] for your fabric. You must create the new look: a dress fit for a colledge faternity party, and for a glamorus star-struck night on the town. You must put a hat with this design and a purse as well.
This week's winner was Jennlee05. She created a beautiful concoction fit for a frat party, as well as a glamorus night on the town. The addition of the required hat with the print was genious, and the juxtiposition of the fabric played with the eyes, and let through to a smooth finish. Job well done!

Alia-Chan17 created an odd, but create peice nontheless. The bodice and bust of the dress was rouched, and the mix of the aqua fabric underneath was "fantabulous". But the netting cap reminded me of a lunch-lady... Laugh with me people.

ladylucrezia mastered a gorgeous dress made of a complicated floral cotton print, and a chiffon. The only thing that worried me was the matronly fabric inside the coat... some kind of quilted waterproof raincoat stuff. If the coat had been removed with a different fabric, it would have looked even MORE superb that it already did.

realityunderseige was a contender for the win. This dress was a sophisticated flapper, with two fabulous hats to match. This was one of my favorites from reality, because it was bold and intriquing. Quite London fashion if I do say so myself. Which I do.

StrawberryNunChild worried me with this design. First he wanted to use a leather vest (thank goodness he had the presence of mind to omit it)... and the floral headress. But he succeeded...on a personal note, for me. He listened to the directions given, and it wasn't made of vinyl. The colors were good though. :D

selay's design was great for a night out...but for a frat party? The empire waisted dress was made of foral crepe and was poofy... The dress was undeniably beautiful, but it wasn't to be worn for a fraternity party. Discaimer: I love the purse and hat!

ZebrASkin44 was a little off with this challenge. As selay, they have always created beautiful designs, but this wasn't for a fraternity party. It was so glamourous, and the fabrics were on point, the inspiratoin was gorgeous, but it was so off. She said she would make a comeback...i sure hope so. Where is ZebrASkin!

Juliet196 was a contender for this challenge's winner. It was mastered beautifuly and the jean jacket was to die for! This would totally sell at a store. The purses were impecable, and i have to say...the poses alone were fabulous...

Eldheler created a provocative dress that screamed: Playboy...which I don't really enjoy. The chiffon that she picked married with the satin was kind of basic... the asymetrical hem of the skirt was playful...but the jacket paired with that dress...I don't know...

midgetpanda flustered up a flurry of beauty. The white fabric neckline paired the fabric of the body of the dress was courageous, because it could have looked like a little kid's tee-shirt. The ginormous trench was ingenious and the marigold purse was wonderful to look at. The transformation from playful to sultry was beautifuly played out. Congrats.

AppaeralAngel invisioned a dress to be paired with ORIGINAL! The dress was asymetric and drawn beautifly. However she used the wrong color for her dres...the silk wasn't red...or was it? The jean hat and purse were fabulous and it was nice to she her pop out using photoshop.

IN: KageYuri
OUT: Ga-bri-el

Monday, April 03, 2006

I informed the designers that they would be creating a dress for a coctail party. The coctail party will be held at a reserved party area, and the theme is: Save The Animals! You must design the dress on those guidlines.

midgetpanda created a beautifuly mastered dress. She was every bit as ambitious as before. Using the Black Crowned Crane as her muse, this was a broader, looser interpretation of "Save the Animals". Her manipulation of the fabrics and her use of the varying density of the color was artful. I found color of the chiffon to be particularly compelling, because from afar it created a texture/pattern that enhanced her look, and resulted in pure beauty, and Tatiana worked it! The dress's diaphanous overlay was perfect. Juilet196 did an excellent design for this topic, one that was inspired on butterflies. If i recall correctly, butterflies are a very common used muse in fashion. Unlike others who use this theme, Juliet196's design resulted in beauty. Nevertheless, I am quite appaled that she would even consider lsiting brass for the contrusction of the butterfiles, considering the potential bodily harm, BUT she did list other possiblities. Eldhelder's design was as in the last challenge, a tube dress. I'm not saying this is bad, but I was expecting something else, but this was fine. She personalized her design by dying it green and blue like the pecock (her muse) and adding "pazazz" with peacock feathers. Her dress worked, responded to the challenge, but it was so simple and basic — as was her solution to the last . We need to see if Eldheler can work out of the box. Alia-Chan17's design was fit for a jungle wedding, but for a cocktail party?Alia created a very organic look with a serious emphasis on the construction and details of a bustled skirt. It was very sculptural and almost looked as though it could stand up on its own. Alia is also very conceptual; she made cutouts in the dress in order to create the layers in the skirt. As I looked at her dress, I envisioned Alexander McQueen and House of Dereon whirring in a food processor — et voilá! ApparelAngel invisioned a panda for her muse in this design. Apparel is a purist and has deep respect for the integrity of her designs and this was no let-down. The concept was easy for her, but she struggled and struggled and struggled with which design to submit. The first, the one she submitted, and secondly, a design which's skirt was too vulgar for such and extravagant event. This time, she carried on with an unbridled determination to succeed; in which she did! KageYuri made a TOTAL comback with her design. The last one was so contrived, gothic lolita. But she kept her style and toned it down a little with her inspiration being the love bird. Kage's work for this topic was feminine without being cloying, sexy without being vulgar, and elegant without being precious. I was stunned. For this challenge, she crafted a diaphanous yet form-fitting dream of a dress. realityundersiege's work was once again blue, and this time it was fabulous. She made it empire waisted, with overlayers of plastic pearls. I myself would have to think of plastic pearls like mardi gras beads, and on a dress? Though I have to say that the purse was stunning. Good work. ladylucrizia remains consistant for me. Here is her excellent design for the second challenge, and his work last week was good as well. The cocktail dress that she created based off of the Victoria Crowned Pidgeon for Iris showed that she really understood how to design. It was sexy, stunning and she looked fabulous. You were a star this week! selay created a beautiful masterpeice...but what in the heck was it made of? Although she listed no fabrications, selay continues to be a smooth and steady designer. Ever unflappable, she smoothly, steadily, and quietly moved forward into the challenge. Her muse was the bengal tiger and was excucuted without being brash. ZebrASkin44 (ironic name for the challenge) safe with immunity from the last challenge, was determined not to disappoint. It was as evident as ever that her experience as a designer had provided her with all the right stuff for strategic decision-making and problem-solving. Instead of the muse being an animal, it was the "skinning' of animals. Again brilliant with construction and representing parts of her muse, she succeeded. And it looked sexy and glamorous on Lipstick, who wore it with strutting confidence. StrawberryNunChild created a gown at first, which shocked me, but then transformed it into a slip on dress. Her inspiration was the pecock, and to represent the animal, she put peacock print. I questioned the silhouette, the relationship of the blue satten to the violet (why-oh-why?), and the fussy pearls that were not advancing his plot, but he pulled it of...1/2 of it and onto the next round, let's see some better colors. Jennlee05 created a beauitful dress inspired by a bird..that she fogot. But the design was goregous, but i was concered about the arbitraty and possibly uncomfortable fabric under the bust. Other than that, the design was sexy, glamourus and totally wearable...just take off the rayon train, unless yo u are going out or something. Again, a GREAT entry!

IN: Ga-bri-el

OUT: HalaS