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Monday, May 08, 2006

selay wins and had a proud showing! Her design was modern, and very classy. Her purse which was inspired by Gretel's bread was wonderfuly exicuted, and her printed skirt was fabulous! The printed twill on her signature bolero jacket was splinidiferous. The outfit responded to the task well: modern, based on a fairytale, and fit to work the runway. Congrats, selay!!!
midgetpanda invisoned her model stomping on her long hair, and then rose above the restrictions they placed on her. That I have to say was a wonderful idea. I was expectiog something like this from midgetpanda, creative, modern ,and interesting. I was worried about the Vivianne Westwood style shoes...the model might break her heel and won't be able ot walk... The German feel from the story exuded from the clothing and that was a winner in itself.

ladylucrezia designed a very simple nad elegant dress, but she was innovative by adding a two toned collar and curved cut and seam. The design I belive would be suitable for any runway. It was a little reminesant of the renisance era, but To her credit, the overlayer of the casa satin and the jewlery was an excellent addition, because they gave the look a little bling and saved it from being too past-era and geriatric.

ZebrASkin44 transformed Little Boy Blue into Flamboyant Fabulous Woman. He transformed everything ezcept for the underwear...which stayed the same. I felt that she kept everything kind of the least that's how it looked. Maybe if the pose differed... Overall, I was pleased but I have to say, ZebrASkin could have been more inovative...

Alia-Chan17 really dressed Little Red Riding Hood up, from being a simplistic little girl, to a more sophisticated teenager/young woman. The design was exicuted beautifuly and the fabrics: sheer knit and a heave cotton mix really came together to give the outfit a completed and whole look. I was pleased, at this allowed Alia to go on forth to the next round!!!

realityundersiege I think lost it forthis challenge... Don't get me wrong, the outfit was a beautiful creation, but it looked sort of retro. Instead of making it more modern like the challenge stated, she made it more simple. She wasn't the only contestant to do this though. If you take away the topic to be modern...this could hae been a winner....but unfortunatly it was not. It was a beautiful creation...but off topic.
Eldheler created a total comback from all other designs. It was modern and exuded all of the feeling of the big bad wolf that he had in the story. The colors and fabrics were wonderful together, and the swirled diagonal zipper really said modern and runway foucused. Leather and fur and that fabulous mohawk (by the way, you have to keep her hair like that for the rest of the compition unless she gets a wig or a weave) I have to say more??? This was most definatly a contender for the win.

Out: Juliet196 was totally off. The design was reniasance inspired..which wasn't the objective. I liked the idea of doing sleepwear, but The puffs and lace, and printed fabric wasn't modern at all! Aside from that, as many of the designs, it was goregous, but the main objective was to be modern. Use an old inspiration for use today! I am disapointed...and sory she had to go...but someone did...

Out: Jennlee05


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