Project Designer 3

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

3rd place:
realityundersiege's collection was very constant and very her. We were expecting that she would use a nautical theme in her collection, and we were right. The clothing designs were consistant and very well realized. But the overall design of the garments left much to be disired. They were basicly drapes and fittings of slik, cotton, and chiffon...don't forget the braiding. Silhouettes and fabrics aside, the minimal success of her collection, it seemed to me, was largely in the details. Fitting, cuts, and layers were all personal favorite...the 6th look. It was all details and very fabulous. Her choice to design a A very nice cotton blend with silk navy blue stripes running down it, and navy blue buttons as well, with white with navy blue stitching was the perfect unifying ingredient. Suddenly, I saw how the collection could - and would! - work. realityundersiege's showing at "DeviantArt Fashion Week" was excellent and very strong. She pulled it off and with great style. RISD, here she comes!
1st Place:
ladylucezia knocked me out! The first knockout was with the first look... The egyptian inspired design full of rushing and folding...which was beautifuly evedent in her collection-- - was a masterpiece. This design was so restrained, so elegant, yet so sophisticated. It was, indeed, beautiful and could stand perfectly well alongside the fabulous collection. ladylurezia's's collection is, in a word, magnificent and couragoeus. It had the same theme as adriannauks the season before...but this was clearly more understood and well thought out (no offence!) I could easily see it at Bergdorf Goodman or Saks Fifth Avenue (without the wild accessories). I was wonderfully blown away by the was magnificent. lucrezia did herself proud It was just a bit costumy.. It was all a matter of peraonal taste, the collection was wonderful and very historical, and I wish you best of luck in the future! Congratulations, sweetheart!! You really EARNED this achievement!! You get the interview!!! And now many views for future works on DA!
2nd Place:
ZebrASkin44 took risks. And I appalud risks. Her collection was very fashion savvy, and very unique. To tell you the truth, I was excpecting some fur piled on top of each other with ribbons and plastic floating everywhere. But this very was refined and very beautiful. My personal favorite was the seventh look because it was very fabulous and floaty and fashionable! The eight succeeding exits from the first built to a crescendo for the finale exit; Fitted Sheath Dress w/ Flared Hem and Cascaded Insert with a fur stole that seemed to simply melt onto Lipstick's body. Sure, there was a lengthy deliberation, as there always is but this was the toughest. There was debate about the work of each of the Final Three. We'd type to each other and declare, "It's ladylurezia." Later, "It's reality." Later, yet, "It's ZebrA." And finally, "It's lucrezia!!" Collection

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The winner of this challenge was ladylucrezia.
"ladylucrezia's team- Thomas- Very traditional garments, not very creativeRebecca- Wild and flirty, unusual garments." ladylucrezia blended these styles very well and it resulted in a very glamorous design. She basicly used her team's ideas in cooeration with her own and created a fabulous dress. She used those fun little glowy things for decor and used fabulous farbrics that might still be here in the future. So ladylucrezia, rock us with your collection!

ZebrASkin44's design was interesting to say the least. She was very creative in the overall concept of the design, but would all of the copper and metals really be comfortable? The robe and overall dress was wonderfully though out, but no one knows what te future would be like...we could move to a new planet which would be in the same conditions as modern earth, so I went on to her team. The only rock and roll stuff I really heard and saw was the belt like stuff on her arms and shoulders of the robe, but the sportswear was definatly evedent with the rather simplistic shillouette and common dress style. So ZebrA, show you with your collection!

realityundersiege designed a rather simplistic dress for the future. Consideiring her team had hlooywood glamour on her team, it could have been much more extravagant. but considering we do not know the future, and can not tell the future, as I stated above we could move to a new planet with the same condiitons as earth, so now wo go to the team. She translated hip hop style as glod. Gold? She could have added some furs or more leather.

OUT: midgetpanda designed a great wedding dress for the futureusing modern costoms...but it was too simple. Yes, she had Wal-Mart type clothing on her team, but remember Wal-Mart creates some unusualy fabulous clothing from time to time. We were rather impressed though with her overall design, but it wasn't "it" enough for the next round. The dress was very unique in it's own right, but it was far too simple for the judges standards.

All in all I was looking for 3 people whom would rock me with thier collections. Now I have them.