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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

For this challenge, I told the designers to create a dress for a store(FAKE STORE!) called Lemon Meringue. The company is creating a new peice for their collection. Use one of these: [link] for your fabric. You must create the new look: a dress fit for a colledge faternity party, and for a glamorus star-struck night on the town. You must put a hat with this design and a purse as well.
This week's winner was Jennlee05. She created a beautiful concoction fit for a frat party, as well as a glamorus night on the town. The addition of the required hat with the print was genious, and the juxtiposition of the fabric played with the eyes, and let through to a smooth finish. Job well done!

Alia-Chan17 created an odd, but create peice nontheless. The bodice and bust of the dress was rouched, and the mix of the aqua fabric underneath was "fantabulous". But the netting cap reminded me of a lunch-lady... Laugh with me people.

ladylucrezia mastered a gorgeous dress made of a complicated floral cotton print, and a chiffon. The only thing that worried me was the matronly fabric inside the coat... some kind of quilted waterproof raincoat stuff. If the coat had been removed with a different fabric, it would have looked even MORE superb that it already did.

realityunderseige was a contender for the win. This dress was a sophisticated flapper, with two fabulous hats to match. This was one of my favorites from reality, because it was bold and intriquing. Quite London fashion if I do say so myself. Which I do.

StrawberryNunChild worried me with this design. First he wanted to use a leather vest (thank goodness he had the presence of mind to omit it)... and the floral headress. But he succeeded...on a personal note, for me. He listened to the directions given, and it wasn't made of vinyl. The colors were good though. :D

selay's design was great for a night out...but for a frat party? The empire waisted dress was made of foral crepe and was poofy... The dress was undeniably beautiful, but it wasn't to be worn for a fraternity party. Discaimer: I love the purse and hat!

ZebrASkin44 was a little off with this challenge. As selay, they have always created beautiful designs, but this wasn't for a fraternity party. It was so glamourous, and the fabrics were on point, the inspiratoin was gorgeous, but it was so off. She said she would make a comeback...i sure hope so. Where is ZebrASkin!

Juliet196 was a contender for this challenge's winner. It was mastered beautifuly and the jean jacket was to die for! This would totally sell at a store. The purses were impecable, and i have to say...the poses alone were fabulous...

Eldheler created a provocative dress that screamed: Playboy...which I don't really enjoy. The chiffon that she picked married with the satin was kind of basic... the asymetrical hem of the skirt was playful...but the jacket paired with that dress...I don't know...

midgetpanda flustered up a flurry of beauty. The white fabric neckline paired the fabric of the body of the dress was courageous, because it could have looked like a little kid's tee-shirt. The ginormous trench was ingenious and the marigold purse was wonderful to look at. The transformation from playful to sultry was beautifuly played out. Congrats.

AppaeralAngel invisioned a dress to be paired with ORIGINAL! The dress was asymetric and drawn beautifly. However she used the wrong color for her dres...the silk wasn't red...or was it? The jean hat and purse were fabulous and it was nice to she her pop out using photoshop.

IN: KageYuri
OUT: Ga-bri-el


At 9:45 PM, Blogger ApparelAngel said...

Hi Chris,

In my said we had to use the fabric, but not the same color. Thank you for the comments thought, very much apprieciated.

At 4:09 PM, Blogger Chris Rogers said...

Hi AA,

I thought that it was obvious that you had to use the same color, but I know now to state EXATCLY what I want you to design...


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