Project Designer 3

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The first design topic was to create a signature garment that BEST sets you apart from the other designers; but the twist is that you must create a tube dress. A tube dress: look at a t-shirt of your own. Note that the only seams are along the shoulders and where the sleeves attach. There is no vertical seam anywhere in the torso of the t-shirt; ergo, it is a tube. Be wild and flirtatious and be YOURSELF. Please list all fabrications and it would be best if you colored your design. Two designers will be elimanated.

The winner of this challenge was ZebrASkin44. Her design fit all of the specifications: create a signature garment that BEST sets you apart from the other designers; but the twist is that you must create a tube dress. The design was creative and showed her point of view which is couture/flamboyance/retro/polished. The drape was a signifagant part in her design and I applaud.

ladylucrezia: Her design was an elongated tube dress with sparkling glass beads. Stunning. The design was elegant, polished, and it looked well drawn. I have to say though that the gold and marroon print on the bottom of the dress looked arbitrary. Take it off...perfection.

realityundersiege: The design was basic and uninteresting to say the least. I was a little dissapointed with this because it was palaple and I wanted to see FABULOUS, but it was good in its own right.

selay: The use of the rope and the black and white stripes was used to create a nautical look that worked. The design was basic, but unique. Who would have thought to use ROPE in a design? Not I! Good job.

Jennlee05: This was a continder for the win. The print was fablous and the cut: superb. It was a "modern mod dream". The flow of the fishtail hem was genius and the glasses, ah! The design was unique and creative.

HalaS: The use of the curled sleeve was ambitious and it resulted in beauty to say the least. It was nice to see a color change from Hala, and the use of jewlery was superb. She learned to control her "slit power" and it transformed the design into elegance!

Ga-bri-el: This design was stunning. The lace and controled lolita look worked. I'm not a big fan of lolita, but the design rocked the house down! This was one of my favorites and was a continder for the win. The bodice and body of the dress was shocking and the skirt wasn't arbitrary, as these can be.

ApparelAngel: I was a little apaled with the simplisity of this design. It was simple yet not...I am over the fence with this design. Come on, the inspiration was long t-shirts that don't look good on anyone! Why say that they don't look good, at least say: on my model, it looks stuning. It was...ho-hum.

Juliet196: I was happy with this. The color was different and the use of jersey was comendible. She possesses a clear vision and is thoughtful and analytical in her approach. She created a bomb of an outfit that was beautiful, evocative, and inspiring.

StrawberryNunChild: The design was a little: Star Wars-y for my taste. The use of vinyl... it was awing and I was a little shocked when the page loaded, Result: Houston, we have a problem.

Eldheler: She and midgetpanda used the same sillouette, but completely different ideas. Eldheler was comendable, it was a little drab. A little more bright blue maybe? In the end, she seemed fairly pleased with her design, which was good, because a heavy dose of confidence is a huge asset.

midgetpanda: The design was frilly and girly. The use of a soft cotton with the brash of the leather was brilliant. The design stood away from the body and that seemed comfortable. Like Eldheler, but not at all like Eldheler, midget used the basic tube as a key medium. Wisely, she transformed the material so that it no longer shouted, "I’m a big boring tube!" In the end, she had an impressive high fashion/ready-to-wear result.

Alia-Chan17: During our interaction, I learned to hold back and give her time to experiment and explore, because her creative process is like a dialogue that she has with herself between this design and another girly pink one. Thankfully, she had the presence of mind to omit the perfect, frily, chiffon-draped creation she had later done.

KageYuri: This definatly showed her point of view. This design reminds me of Jared Gold and his zombie inspired concoctions. This was a little on the border of being a tube dress. She took design risks with this challenge, and I always respect a risk-taker. However, I failed to understand then, and continue to fail to understand now, how a tube dress was demonstrated by her work.I don't even think it was a tube, but thank SomethingMinty and ladik for not submiting, for i can asure you, this would have been out.

OUT: SomethingMinty
OUT: ladik