Project Designer 3

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

ladylucrezia's concept was stunning cool, hip, and really enchanting...and she knew it! The signature glass beading (refer to Topic 1) For the top, alone, I salute her, but her look succeeded well beyond that achievement. If a little girl were to buy this, she could dress her up in so many ways (with other looks of course). The total look was cute, modern, and very Charollete. Watch out Verna!!!
realityundersiege created a stunning look. It was symetrical, which I like, and the flare on the dress really made it pop, but It was also a little "dressy" for a casual dance. Other than that, this design rocked! Great comback!!!

Ah, ZebraSkin44. Her design was flamboyant, hip, and well exicuted. At first we didn't really like the yellow...but as we continued to stare (enchanted), we sayw the "fantasmacal" beauty behind the monocromatic yellow dress. I personally responded well to the evening gloves and I liked the blue detailing of the skirt, very Charollete.

Alia-Chan17 worried me with her most desperate look. Instead of making Charollete sophisticated, she made her very risque. The empire top with the vulgar cut was suggestive...imagine if teens and little children bought this??? On the other hand, would their mother's let them buy it? Everything else was pretty, but it was too overwhelmed by intricate cut of the blouse.

midgetpanda is disappointing us that is, she's not working at the level I know she's capable of achieving. For this challenge, she got by. For the first time we found midgetpanda to be boring. The top we found (at least) to be exciting, whereas the undergarment, and the capris were bland and uninviting. panda, have a Power Bar and some Jamba Juice and snap to it!

Eldhler created a very simple solution to the challenge. It wasn't very original...all that was, was her signature print...and v-neckline. If it had been white, it would have been a basic tube dress with v-neck. Not all too interesting... All-in-all we found her look to be too juvinile for a high-school dance. All that aside, she should be happy that she's still in...

Out: selay


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