Project Designer 3

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

midgetpanda transformed the kimono into a runway-fit, and young generation able design. The design mixed the elements of comfort with fashion, and it resuleted in a wonderful fitted top with a hakama pant with her signature pattern.

ladylucrezia created a victorian/japanese esque kimono. The overall look was fabulous, and the seperate peices were great. As you all know I personaly dislike corsets, but when I saw this one, I was overwhemled. It was fabulous! Other than that, the design was flawless...Julie said the front part fabric looks arbitrary. Whatever. Good design.

ZebrASkin44 did wonders with this challenge. This time, she carried on with an unbridled determination to succeed, because she had been dying for this challenge. Her zebra patterned dress with its gold patterned cape was classic, sophisticated, and undeniably "ZebrASkin!"

realityundersiege realized a wonderful design with wonderful additions. The thing I was worried about was that the kimono was made from a light brown chiffon...from discription, chiffon cant be opaque, so her *cough cough* would show through...Anywho, the design was wonderful with the cocoa brown additions, and traditonal kimono style.

OUT: Eldheler designed a very classic kimono...but it leaned to far to one was more tradtional and comfy than young and fashionable. The fabrics and the design direction were not part of her milieu — more active-sport than dress-n-dazzle. I as exspectiong silks and brocades, and I once again got jersey. She sayed true to herself though, simple iwth details. It had the basic sillouette of a kimono and it had no inovation whatsoever.


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