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Monday, April 03, 2006

I informed the designers that they would be creating a dress for a coctail party. The coctail party will be held at a reserved party area, and the theme is: Save The Animals! You must design the dress on those guidlines.

midgetpanda created a beautifuly mastered dress. She was every bit as ambitious as before. Using the Black Crowned Crane as her muse, this was a broader, looser interpretation of "Save the Animals". Her manipulation of the fabrics and her use of the varying density of the color was artful. I found color of the chiffon to be particularly compelling, because from afar it created a texture/pattern that enhanced her look, and resulted in pure beauty, and Tatiana worked it! The dress's diaphanous overlay was perfect. Juilet196 did an excellent design for this topic, one that was inspired on butterflies. If i recall correctly, butterflies are a very common used muse in fashion. Unlike others who use this theme, Juliet196's design resulted in beauty. Nevertheless, I am quite appaled that she would even consider lsiting brass for the contrusction of the butterfiles, considering the potential bodily harm, BUT she did list other possiblities. Eldhelder's design was as in the last challenge, a tube dress. I'm not saying this is bad, but I was expecting something else, but this was fine. She personalized her design by dying it green and blue like the pecock (her muse) and adding "pazazz" with peacock feathers. Her dress worked, responded to the challenge, but it was so simple and basic — as was her solution to the last . We need to see if Eldheler can work out of the box. Alia-Chan17's design was fit for a jungle wedding, but for a cocktail party?Alia created a very organic look with a serious emphasis on the construction and details of a bustled skirt. It was very sculptural and almost looked as though it could stand up on its own. Alia is also very conceptual; she made cutouts in the dress in order to create the layers in the skirt. As I looked at her dress, I envisioned Alexander McQueen and House of Dereon whirring in a food processor — et voilá! ApparelAngel invisioned a panda for her muse in this design. Apparel is a purist and has deep respect for the integrity of her designs and this was no let-down. The concept was easy for her, but she struggled and struggled and struggled with which design to submit. The first, the one she submitted, and secondly, a design which's skirt was too vulgar for such and extravagant event. This time, she carried on with an unbridled determination to succeed; in which she did! KageYuri made a TOTAL comback with her design. The last one was so contrived, gothic lolita. But she kept her style and toned it down a little with her inspiration being the love bird. Kage's work for this topic was feminine without being cloying, sexy without being vulgar, and elegant without being precious. I was stunned. For this challenge, she crafted a diaphanous yet form-fitting dream of a dress. realityundersiege's work was once again blue, and this time it was fabulous. She made it empire waisted, with overlayers of plastic pearls. I myself would have to think of plastic pearls like mardi gras beads, and on a dress? Though I have to say that the purse was stunning. Good work. ladylucrizia remains consistant for me. Here is her excellent design for the second challenge, and his work last week was good as well. The cocktail dress that she created based off of the Victoria Crowned Pidgeon for Iris showed that she really understood how to design. It was sexy, stunning and she looked fabulous. You were a star this week! selay created a beautiful masterpeice...but what in the heck was it made of? Although she listed no fabrications, selay continues to be a smooth and steady designer. Ever unflappable, she smoothly, steadily, and quietly moved forward into the challenge. Her muse was the bengal tiger and was excucuted without being brash. ZebrASkin44 (ironic name for the challenge) safe with immunity from the last challenge, was determined not to disappoint. It was as evident as ever that her experience as a designer had provided her with all the right stuff for strategic decision-making and problem-solving. Instead of the muse being an animal, it was the "skinning' of animals. Again brilliant with construction and representing parts of her muse, she succeeded. And it looked sexy and glamorous on Lipstick, who wore it with strutting confidence. StrawberryNunChild created a gown at first, which shocked me, but then transformed it into a slip on dress. Her inspiration was the pecock, and to represent the animal, she put peacock print. I questioned the silhouette, the relationship of the blue satten to the violet (why-oh-why?), and the fussy pearls that were not advancing his plot, but he pulled it of...1/2 of it and onto the next round, let's see some better colors. Jennlee05 created a beauitful dress inspired by a bird..that she fogot. But the design was goregous, but i was concered about the arbitraty and possibly uncomfortable fabric under the bust. Other than that, the design was sexy, glamourus and totally wearable...just take off the rayon train, unless yo u are going out or something. Again, a GREAT entry!

IN: Ga-bri-el

OUT: HalaS


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