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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ZebrASkin44 Always excites us when she posts "Finished" [link] on my DA page. This time she created a fabulous "liquid" designs that seemed to float off of Lipstick. At first...when you see this design, you think "It's so simple" but when you read the discription, you see that it's anything but. The design was beautiful....but comforable? The answer is yes. Remove the skirt with the tug of a ribbon, and you have instant comfort...the luxury of comfort. Underwear.

ladylucrezia won over the judges with this stunning design. The only thing that bothered us *pokes Daniel and Julie* was the ruffled sleeves would be annoying if you were tossing and turning. The print, the shorts, and the shoes all spelled sucess. The gathering/flare at the bottom of the blouse was a wonderful addition excpecially with the print...because if the print were not there to aid this wonderful top, it would look flat and borring.

We can't blame midgetpanda for rushing her designs...but even rushed designs can be compelling. The outfit seemed to be very comfortable...but was lacking in overall design. The voluminous "pants" were just....pants and the only interesting thing was the tee...the embeillishments. The slippers might reveal the fact that this look as a whole would be pajamas, and the goal was to create something that would illumante this standpoint.

Eldheler seems to be stepping up her game. The nightwear, to be turned into daywear was wonderfully exicuted, and brilliantly thought out. The problem was that is was sort of boring. Doesn't everyone (women) have pajamas with floral patterns? Everyone has this. Everyone. The theme was too common to be origanal. t may have been organic, but it was too common a theme.

If realityundersiege would have turned in her design on time (before 4:00), this would have most definatly have been a winner. The blubble sweater/dress/nightgown was totally comfortable, and fashionable! The pocket for keeping your things in was great, and it had a great bohemian look for the day. You couldn't tell it was pajamas. All in all this look was wonderful.

OUT: Alia-Chan17


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