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Monday, April 24, 2006

In this challenge, the designers were told to design an outfit for a dark but beautiful princess for a theatrical Cirque Du Soliel preformance.
ladylucrezia wins! She took on a very ambitious design and really made it work. Her sinuous use of the violet feathers over the plum colored spandex was stunning, and the feathered headdress and fishnet sleeves was a wonderful counterpoint. Excellent showing, lady!

midgetpanda designed, as usual, a breathtaking look. The focus of his energy and attention went into the beading embellishments on the dress, embellishments that look like a sorceress making an enchantment of some sort. Furthermore, the addition of the scarf was fashion genius. However, the sillouette was a bit simple, expecially from panda, and it was a bit more on the wearable side than "coustumy". panda, watch out...

Juliet196 created a simple but stunning look. Her look was focused more on a dancer than an acrobat, but in my opinion, it could have worked for both. The shoes however were a little ballerina-ish (maybe without the ties), and the feather was a little arbratrary. All in all, it was a good look...good enough for the next round.

ApparelAngel's outfit was everywhere. The beaded chiffon, jersey, and was a little much. Even though this is Cirque du Soleil, it was messy. The collar, bodice, sleeves, and skirt didn't corespond even a little bit. She's extremely talented, ...and this was the worst of the bunch.

realityundersiege designed an outfit that was both dramatic and menacing. It possessed buoyancy with the tiers, and visual effervescence and lightness, yet it was serious. The chiffon could be removed, this made for a very unusual silhouette and, for leaping and cortorshoning purposes, an unexpected and usful one as well. A contender for the win.

ZebraSkinn44 was very ambitious, as always, about this design. The netting shawl was a perfect compliment for the corset (I hate corsets, but for some reason i like this one) and the pencil skirt. I would probably enjoy watching the additves move...maybe if it didn't have the mink distracts from the design (at least for me...Julie liked it...) to me. The shoes were a great addition and so was the wig.

Jennlee05 was ho-hum. It was was Jenn...but not very Jenn. I was expecting some color form least a little. The dress was pretty, but pretty basic, too basic. The neck thing was distacting... Jenn is a talented designer, so I was sorry to see this poor showing.

selay made a fabulous but basic showing with a patterned jersy, and ombred chiffon. To her credit, the ribbon embellishments were an excellent addition, because they gave the look a little "something" and saved it from being dowdy (hair). I was a little on the fence with this could have been in...or out. It didn't look very cosumy.

Eldheler seems to have a wierd thing goin' on... The ripped shreds of fabric, the corset... I was disarmed. I was dissapointed. I was shocked. Eldheler is a fashion student...some of these contestants are not, therefore, you should have at least some aspect of superiority. Be happy StrawberryNunChild is out. Next time put a little more color and effort.

Alia-Chan was all her. What I mean by that is that it was artsy, punk, and diva. Although it was her, and very fashionable, it didn't really respond to the challenge. It was more rock-princess that CDS. She took few risks with her design, but the fit was great and the overall look was sexy and youthful. My single concern was minor: why use those shoes? Still, I was confident that she would succeed on the runway.

OUT: StrawberryNunChild


At 11:47 AM, Blogger The Scarlett said...

Hi Chris. Love your blog. I'm wondering if you could either briefly state the challenge in each post or if you could provide a link where it is stated? Thanks!

At 2:44 PM, Blogger Chris Rogers said...

Hi Scarlett! Thanks!!! I would be happy to post a link, I will do it right away!


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