Project Designer 3

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Monday, April 17, 2006

The designers were told to create a stylish design for little kids. The design must be able to withstand dirt and grime and the rough-and-ready child ideal.
ZebrASkin44 said she would create a comeback, and by Joseph, she did! Zebra delivers a fabulous design. She has been the runner-up on the runway so many times that I will confess my disappointment that a win, long overdue in my opinion, has eluded her grasp. However, is it not ironic that our flamboyant couture master would be so successful with this of all challenges? A children's wear project? The way she twists her mind in unthought of crannies of inspiration is impecable. The style was girly, and if Lipstick went outside to play, it would blend in with the overall theme. The jacket alone was fabulous. I have to say, this is one of the best designs in Project Designer history.

midgetpanda created a stunning outcome for this project. The top was the main focus on this look, with the variying lengths and intensaties of the straps. The blouse was charming and its silhouette and proportion quite dreamy. midget's design was extremely thoughtful. Her practical and humane design will work with a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Jennlee05 created a playful, exuberant, pulchridonus (inside joke), concoction of a childrens outfit. The colors were played out masterfuly, and it was what I was expecting from her: colorful, fun,....colorful...! Jenn, proud showing.

Alia-Chan17 designed a playful, "rockeresque", chindren's wear product. as I stated to her she has always remained true to her design style no matter the critisims (which aren't always bad). The look was fun and childish, cool, hip, and trendy. Alia won me over with this challenge. Congrats!

Juliet196 designed a practical childrens wear project that an adult could wear. I was amused by the inner-child statement, she's not working at the level I know she's capable of achieving. For this challenge, she got by. Her purple top with burmuda shorts made with embroidered trims was well executed, and I loved her addition of the different colored sandals. But the overall look was so ho-hum. Come back Juliet!

realityundersiege's clear understanding of the client spelled success. Daniel was intent upon creating a very childish look that was also apliquable to a teen...which wasn't the challenge, but a nice addition, which I belive Juliet196 did. I applaud risk-taking, even when I'm dubious about it's success. It was wearable, and made of cotton which means that washing it would be a snap, and that's essintial for playtime!

ladylucrezia made a wonderful design. I was impressed, this was one of her best designs by far. The only problem that I had was that it would probably not be a good outfit for a child to play in. She solved the design brief very effectively, and she used a fabulously childish fabric for just the right purpose. This sophisticated child look was headed for a play date.

StrawberryNunChild created a very porly exicuted look... From every challenge how many times did I scratch my head and ask myself, "What is he doing?" As a definitional matter, her choice of not listing colors and fabrics was a prelude to failure. The fussy details gave you costume for a geriatric performance of a childlike version of Follies. Get with it, Strawberry!


IN: Eldheler

IN: ApparelAngel

OUT: KageYuri


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